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Happy New Year! Join us for the first Holy Pause Retreat on Saturday, February 17th, at the beautiful retreat center in Wilmore, KY!

“Come as You Are” Retreat

I am excited to offer the first Holy Pause Retreat! 

Why a retreat? It is a time of quiet, connection and community.  Jesus modeled times of silence and solitude with His Father. 

A Christian retreat can offer a peaceful environment where you can let go of stress and reconnect with God.  Often a time of retreat brings great clarity on decisions & discernment.

Do you long to notice more of God’s presence in your everyday lives? Are there times you feel stuck or bored in your faith journey? Come away for a day on a journey to a deeper walk with Christ as we learn together the practice of a holy pause and recognize those places you feel stuck. “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16.  Come and explore the practice of pausing, praying and following which leads to loving God and loving others more deeply. There will be a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session will have a teaching time, individual quiet time and reflecting together as a group. I invite you to come away as we gather with other women seeking to go on a deeper journey and experience more of Jesus and transformation. Bring a friend, team, or life group and join us for a holy pause retreat!

Francis Asbury Society Center

Wilmore, KY

Saturday, February 17th, 2024

$50.00 if you register by February 3rd

$25.00 for Students

$30.00/55.00 after February 3rd


Lunch Provided

Holy Pause Journal given to each retreatant

Bring your Bible and Journal 

This is a beautiful invitation to start the new year!

Sign up here!! Space is limited.

Happy New Year!! God is doing a new thing! Revelation 2:15

Grace up Grace, Tracie

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