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Tracie Tackett

Spiritual Director



I am glad you are here!


The journey that led me to spiritual direction is very meaningful to me. I was discerning a big decision in my life and so began the journey of spiritual direction.  My best "YES" is experiencing more of Christ in my life and learning how to hear His still small voice and invitations throughout my everyday life.  Learning to 'Holy Pause' has been life-changing. 

I have worked in ministry in several capacities. over the years. I am passionate about the Grace and Love of the Father and stepping into a life of freedom to go on the greatest adventure with God. 

I have a large family with my loving husband that brings me endless joy, I love a good cup of coffee, deep conversations, and nature. I care about creating spaces where people feel they can show up as they are. It is my greatest joy in life!

Spiritual Direction is life-giving to me because it gives me an opportunity to encourage others in their journey, walk alongside them as their companion, and allow the Holy Spirit to show up. 

I am a graduate from Tending the Holy at Christos Center for Spiritual Formation in Spiritual Direction. 

I am beyond excited to join you in your spiritual journey! 

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