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Do you struggle with fear?

Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with fear. I can remember the fear that was within when the lights went out for bedtime. What could be under my bed or in the closet? My imagination would run wild. As a teenager in high school, I began to struggle with extreme fear. Fear of the future, certain situations, cancer, not making into heaven, and on and on. Way back when, no one knew what to call it. (This was a long time ago;)

It began to affect every part of my life. Today, we call it anxiety and panic attacks.

Fear grips each one of us.

This fear was something I could not make sense of.

Have you ever experienced fear that you couldn't make sense of?

I wonder if you have ever experienced fear of not meeting that special someone, losing a child or spouse, being alone, a diagnosis, new job, new people, moving, losing your job, providing for those you love, which school to choose, retirement, or aging.

What do you fear?

Pause. Take a deep breath. Take a few minutes to name your fear. Write it down. Say it out loud. Tell someone. Something beautiful happens when we name what is going on inside of us. It somehow loses its grip. We are able now to give it a name and take it to God.

Pray. Invite God's presence. Sit in silence for a few minutes or however long you need. Imagine God sitting with you. Jesus is right beside you. His Spirit is in you. The Triune God meets us right where we are. Listen.

I have been 'chewing' on, or meditating on a passage in Mark 9:2-8, with three of Jesus' closest friends, Peter, James and John, and a divine encounter with Jesus. They were on a mountain, just after hearing that their Messiah would suffer, die and be resurrected. News that they couldn't get their heads around. So Jesus, invited them to come away and experience what was to come. He was transfigured in all His Glory right before their eyes. He wanted to show them His divinity! They got a front row seat. Peter, being Peter, started rambling. The scripture says, "(He didn't know what to say...)"

Have you ever felt like you don't know what to say either?

The scriptures tell us how they felt...

"they were so frightened."

Pause for a moment and notice what you fear again. Where do you take your fear? Where do you turn in your fear? I turn to hiding. If I could just avoid that situation or person. I isolate. It's easy to not let anyone know about the fear that grips me. What will they think of me?

God did something next that is worth 'chewing' on.

"A cloud appeared and covered them, and a voice came from the cloud:

This is My Son, whom I love. Listen to Him."

Stop right here....

He met them in their fear.

He covered them in their fear.

He spoke to them in their fear.

Say those words out loud. Write them. Sing them. Dance to them. Put them where you will remember that He does this for you and me too. Scripture doesn't say, we won't have fear. He does invite us to name our fear. Share our fear and welcome our fear so that we can experience freedom from our fear. Be gentle with yourself as you face you fear. This takes time. It is a process. For anything to grow, takes time and patience.

Then, a SUDDENLY moment....

"Suddenly, when they looked around, they no longer saw anyone with them EXCEPT JESUS."

Jesus was WITH THEM in their fear!!! He is WITH you too!!

Where do you long to see Jesus in your fear? What might He want to say to you?

Follow His invitations today. You can trust Him in your fear.

Lord, my fear grips me.

Your grace holds me.

I name my fear.

I bring each one to you.

I listen to you.

Will you take my fear?

Turn it into faith.

I see you standing before me.

Arms open wide.

Big loving smile.

Beckoning me to come

Where true freedom is.

Thank you for taking time to read a Holy Pause! I treasure the gift of you reading this post and experiencing a deeper journey with Christ. Do you know of someone who might be encouraged by todays Holy Pause. Share it with them.

A few things coming up!

Holy Pause Retreat on Saturday, March 23rd

A retreat is a time for quiet, reflection and community! Here is what some of the women shared from the last retreat...

"The Lord did so many sweet things in me. I find myself craving even more alone time with Him that I haven't been doing enough of! I feel called to add intentional pauses into my day to experience Jesus more."

"It is ok to just be. He doesn't always give profound insights. Sometimes He just wants you to sit in His presence."

Bring a friend or life group! Register here-

Four Discernment Groups starting this month

Super excited to launch these groups. We have a few more spots open if you want to join. Check out all the details here-

One-on-One Spiritual Direction is the beautiful space of sharing your story and noticing God at work! I would love to journey with you.

Reach out to learn more-

Grace upon Grace,

Tracie Tackett

Spiritual Director

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